About Us

We hope to exceed your expectations,
because we want you to be a very satisfied customer.


At FirstChoice ePOS, we provide solutions to help your business grow. But we don’t just sell you the most technologically advanced services and products available, we sell you confidence. Because feeling confident with the technology we implement adds the most value to your company.

Our customers expect:


Proven products and services that can be trusted for critical business applications.


Skilled, responsive and helpful technical support.


Positive and productive business interactions with all levels of our staff.


Custom and simplified solutions designed for real people, and not just computer programmers.

We Care

We understand the importance of delivering the highest possible quality of service and customer care. We ensure the solution we provide reflects your unique business requirements. We conduct extensive research on the products we install and take proactive measures to ensure they are convenient to use and compatible with your existing systems. With technicians on call, close to your locations and available around the clock, we make sure your system is always up and running.


We provide you with expert and dependable customer service from start to finish and with a network of technical experts, we’re there when you need us.

All FirstChoice ePOS custom solutions include:


A seasoned and knowledgeable sales staff who works with you to determine the perfect mix of equipment and software.


An experienced installation team who will be quick and thorough in bringing you online.


Training and technical support for you and your staff to help you begin using your custom solution to its fullest potential.


Routine preventive maintenance and quick repair response time to keep you up and running.

FirstChoice ePOS – Your FirstChoice For ePOS.

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