Quick Service

Quick Service

Deliver quality at the speed guests expect with an all-in-one POS system that can help you drive repeat business and beat the competition. Reach more customers by accepting orders online and keep 100% of the profits. Move queues quickly with a line-busting mobile POS and self-ordering kiosks.

Quick Service

Improve accuracy and avoid expensive mistakes by letting diners confirm orders before they get sent to the kitchen.

Increase efficiency – without driving up labour costs – by letting guests place their own orders.

Have customers pre-order & Pay via online or mobile app, when they arrive to your premises, they simply grab and go, avoiding any unnecessary queues.



Web Design

FirstChoice ePOS, in conjunction with C Me Online Ltd., a multi award-winning web design agency, offers professional web design services to all of our customers.

Integrate your Online Ordering, showcase your business, menus, photo galleries. Offer the online purchase of Gift Vouchers, and improve your organic reach on Google.

Stay one step ahead of the competition!